Business Center Bornholm

Business Center Bornholm is the single-point-of-entry for business sparring and local business services. Assembled here are experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Together, they offer the island’s businesses, and those wishing to establish a business on Bornholm, guidance, networking and events – a free, publicly-funded service.


Our site is primarily written in Danish.
However, we gladly offer our sparring and guidance in English.


Business Center Bornholm arranges a series of events every year. Participants get the opportunity to expand their knowledge about concepts like business planning, establishing a new business, sales, leadership, and digital solutions.


We have assembled a serices of news articles from Bornholm’s business community, established businesses, startups and the local economic development community. Read our own articles, our magazine, and follow us on Facebook.

The "Bornholm Model"

Leading companies within the professional industries on Bornholm have joined forces to guarantee internships for young Bornholmers. The Bornholm workforce is shrinking and, in particular, skilled labor will become a major shortcoming in the future.

New businesses

Are you considering a new business on Bornholm? Then, this is a good place to start (Danish).

Established businesses

Possibilities, workshops, guidance and sparring for business already established on Bornholm (Danish).


Everything under one roof

All actors who play a role in Bornholm’s business development are

assembled under one roof.

The objective is to ensure efficient and targeted business development services and to make it easier and faster for companies to get on with their project.
Bornholm’s single-point-of -entry ensures overview and quick access to the right services and people.

Bornholms Erhvervsfond provides support in the form of loans or possibly subscription of shares or shares to new or existing corporate companies on Bornholm.

Erhvervshus Hovedstaden helps companies create growth, exports and jobs.

The 65 employees working at BYG are considered to be co-players when it comes to Bornholm’s business develoment.

The collaboration between Jobcenter and the rest of Bornholm’s Business Service can lead to better and faster contact with companies that need to recruit labor.

Business Center Bornholm is the gateway to competent guidance and sparring for Bornholm’s business leaders and employees.